Living la vita data

For twenty years, William Porter Technology has been providing data management solutions for litigation — and beyond.

What I do

I build custom solutions for my clients' data management challenges — lightweight, secure, tailor-made solutions. My clients are mostly law firms doing mass tort litigation.

What I have done

I've been doing this stuff for nearly a quarter of a century. Before I started focusing on litigation support about ten years ago, I worked on a variety of projects; enrollment systems for universities in the US and Europe; a large self-study for one of the largest school districts in the US; an international travel agency; one of the most popular television shows in the UK. I helped the oldest newspaper in Texas launch its online article management system. Helped alternative newsweeklies across North America get delivered.

Data management for litigation

What I do the most of these days — and what I've done the longest — is help law firms doing litigation, mostly mass tort, which after commercial litigation has the greatest need for serious data management. For law firms I've built (inter alia) database tools for top-to-bottom client management including managing direct client communications via SMS with forms capture (including signatures);★ medical records tracking;
★ discovery;
★ witness lists;
★ exhibit lists;
★ insurance policy analysis;
★ legal invoicing;
★ defendant tracking;
★ generating settlement checks;
★ documents production;
★ jury selection;
★ criminal defense....
And more.


My work in the past was mostly done on the FileMaker platform. But I’m moving my focus from old-fashioned client-server solutions to web-based and much more adaptive solutions, especially Airtable and what you might call its "allies". For five years I’ve been on the front lines of the low-code/no-code revolution.I also provide coaching and consulting on projects for developers who are willing to tackle a challenge themselves.My applications have been deployed entirely on the Web, meaning that everything is platform-independent and lightweight, yet very secure.I have a large network of developer colleagues who I call on for assistance when I need them.

Where am I?

I live and work in San Antonio, Texas, but I have clients and users all across North America (and in the past, in the UK and Europe).

The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas

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