William Porter Technology

I build custom solutions for my clients' data management challenges — lightweight, secure, tailor-made solutions. My clients are mostly law firms doing mass tort litigation.

I've been doing this stuff for nearly a quarter of a century. Before I started focusing on litigation support about ten years ago, I worked on a variety of projects; enrollment systems for universities in the US and Europe; a large self-study for one of the largest school districts in the US; an international travel agency; one of the most popular television shows in the UK. I helped the oldest newspaper in Texas launch its online article management system. Helped alternative newsweeklies across North America get delivered.Sign of where I am headed: I am now a SmartSuite Affiliate partner! I'm as independent as always but this does reflect my decision that SmartSuite offers the best path forward for many of my clients. Check it out, then get in touch with me and let's talk!

I live and work in San Antonio, Texas, but I have clients and users all across North America (and in the past, in the UK and Europe).

SmartSuite Affiliate
William at Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park, with his dogs Marty and Harry